Meal Services

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

ThymeWorks creates delicious and wholesome meals, uniquely designed to your tastes, for you to savor in the comfort of your own home.

Who needs a personal chef?

  • Busy families on-the-go who want to eat better, together, at home
  • Working couples hungry for more quality time in their hectic lives
  • Singles who aren’t inclined to cook for themselves
  • Those on newly prescribed diets or healthy eating plans
  • Single parent families
  • A friend or relative who may no longer shop and cook for themselves
  • New parents
  • You!

This is how we do it

I’ll do the shopping to ensure you get the freshest ingredients. I’ll carefully prepare the meals you’ve selected, in your home, using my own gear. Then I’ll neatly package and label each one for your convenience and safely store them in your refrigerator with simple instructions for heating and serving. Lastly, I’ll clean your kitchen and even remove the refuse.

You will be welcomed home by the wonderful aromas of a day’s home cooking. All you do is enjoy the good taste and free time you deserve.

It begins with a free consultation in your home

We’ll discuss your food preferences for both taste and style of meals, as well as any dietary concerns. All of this will be carefully noted as I develop your personal menu portfolio. We’ll determine the frequency of service just right for you; whether weekly, monthly or somewhere in between. Pantry items, safe food handling and proper storage methods will also be discussed.

Uniquely personalized service at an affordable rate

We really won’t know the cost for your customized service until our consultation. One popular service plan of 5-entrées/4 servings each with appropriate side dishes (20 total meals) starts at $280 plus groceries. Your particular needs will determine the plan we design with you.

ThymeWorks Chef Express

ThymeWorks is pleased to announce an exciting new complement to our menu of full-service meal preparation services.

Chef Express provides the great taste and convenience of chef-prepared meals in your home at a cost that is sure to please budget-conscious busy people. For just $150 plus groceries, we’ll prepare three entrees of six to eight servings each for a total of at least 18 meals.

We’ll shop, prepare and store your meals in your own containers, and clean your kitchen when we’re through. All you need do is relax and enjoy dinner with your family…and decide how you’ll make use of the free time you’ll gain!